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What are the COVID impacts on Public Transport?

Vline Train and bus routes are deemed essential services and all routes are operating according to normal timetables. Buses travelling into South Australia are subject to SA entry requirements and you must ensure you have appropriate authorisation to enter SA.

[Updated Fri 27-Mar-2020 ]

Tuesday 2nd June 2020
Outbound services
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Tuesday 2nd June 2020
Inbound services
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u Stops to pick up only.

d Stops to set down only.

i Intermediate stop, no pick up or set down.

t Stops only if pre-booked by telephone.

does not call at this station or location.

Next Day Third day Fourth day

All times in this table are in local time zones.

Services are colour coded by mode as follows:

School Buses

How to Travel with VLine

VLine trains and buses across Victoria have two different fare and ticketing systems depending where in Victoria you are travelling. All VLine trains between Melbourne and the major nearby cities (Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Seymour and Traralgon) use the myki stored value card to enable you to pay your fare. You must have a
myki card
with credit on it to travel on VLine trains in this region. You can purchase Myki cards from any Melbourne or VLine railway station, from Myki vending machines at railway stations, major downtown tram stops and Melbourne Airport. You can also purchase Myki cards at 7-eleven stores across Melbourne's suburbs. You CANNOT purchase myki cards or add credit to a myki card on board trains.

You MUST validate your myki card before each train trip by 'touching on' at the lime green coloured myki validators or by using it to pass through the Myki station access gates. The validator will beep to confirm your trip is paid and valid. You should also always 'touch off' after you reach your destination. Myki fares are charged based on the number of zones you travel through.

If you are travelling on any VLine bus or on any longer distance VLine train beyond Waurn Ponds, Wendouree, Ballarat (towards Creswick), Eaglehawk, Epsom, Seymour or Traralgon, then you must purchase a paper ticket before you board. You cannot use myki to travel to these destinations. Trains that travel beyond those destinations also permit you to reserve seats at no extra cost. Whilst there is usually a carriage for passengers without reservations, we strongly recommend reserving your seat in advance on these trains. Note that even if you are travelling just a short distance and even if it is entirely within the myki fare zone system, whilst you can use your myki to pay your fare, you can still reserve a seat on these longer distance trains.
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