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Australian Public Transport - Covid disruptions

Status as at Wednesday November 25 2020 ( 12:50 EST / 13:50 EDST )

Public Transport is an essential service and at present, most metropolitan trams, buses and ferries across Australia are running to regular timetables, although a few are running on Saturday timetables on all weekdays.

Many (but not all) airport connection buses have been suspended.

Many long distance services are also running to regular timetables but many privately operated services are operating on reduced frequencies and some have been suspended entirely. All travellers are responsible for ensuring they have appropriate authorisations to travel across borders and through all regions traversed.

All tourist-oriented services have been suspended.

Restrictions on movement within and between cities and States have been introduced and are being tightened. Transport operators will modify or suspend services in response. We are monitoring all transport operators and will update here whenever information is received.

Service status Indicators: Metropolitan Public Transport Services: Long Distance country and Interstate services:

Tourist railways, tramways and cableways As soon as we become aware of service changes we will post an alert and update the service status summary here.