Sunbury line
Local Train service operated by Metro Trains Melbourne
Phone   131 638
verified Sat 26 Jul 2014
North Melbourne 0:00 Platform 1, 2,3 & 4
Flagstaff 0:02 Platform 3 Monday to Friday
Melbourne Central 0:04 Platform 3
Parliament 0:06 Platform 3
Melbourne Flinders Street 0:08
Melbourne Southern Cross 0:11 Platform 11,12
North Melbourne 0:14 Platform 1, 2,3 & 4
Footscray 0:19 Platforms 1 & 2
Middle Footscray 0:21
West Footscray 0:22
Tottenham 0:25
Sunshine 0:28 Platforms 1 & 2
Albion 0:30
Ginifer 0:33
St Albans 0:36
Keilor Plains 0:38
Watergardens 0:43
Diggers Rest 0:50 Every Day 1 to 3 per hour
Sunbury 0:56 Every Day 1 to 3 per hour

Timetable summary:

2 to 4 per hour, Every Day.

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We strongly advise you to check current timetables with the operator (Metro Trains Melbourne) before travelling.
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