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Sydney-Perth (The Indian Pacific)
Adelaide-Darwin (The Ghan)
Sydney-Brisbane (NSW Trainlink XPT)
Sydney-Melbourne (NSW Trainlink XPT)
Sydney-Canberra (NSW Trainlink Xplorer)
Brisbane-Charleville (The Westlander)
Brisbane-Longreach (Spirit of the Outback)
Brisbane-Cairns (Spirit of Queensland)
Townsville-Mt Isa (The Inlander)
Melbourne-Adelaide (The Overland)
Perth-Kalgoorlie (The Prospector)
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Australian Rail Maps

The website for planning rail, bus, tram and ferry travel all over Australia featuring integrated maps of EVERY passenger rail service in Australia and a journey planner covering all train, tram, ferry and inter-town bus services.
Quick Journey Planner: Major towns.

➤ Full journey planner - all towns.

What are the COVID impacts on Public Transport?

Map of Australian Train services

Australian Rail Services

The passenger railway system in Australia is a safe and convenient form of travel. There are many passenger train and tram operators in Australia offering services - intensive suburban trains and electric tramways in major cities, to commuter trains and long distance interstate and luxury trans-continental journeys. Trains are high quality and all operators have reasonable on-line information about their services, but information is not co-ordinated. This site is a reference hub for anyone planning a rail or bus trip in Australia. Whether you are travelling from one suburb to another or making a trans-continental odyssey you will find the information here. We link to official web-sites of train and bus operators and help you book travel and accommodation online.


Our extensive online timetables cover all Australian trains and trams as well as many hundreds of ferry and bus routes as well. And they're all in the one place, in a consistent display format and are cross-linked to show connections regardless of who operates the service. We've given every route its own table and table number derived from Australia's Postcode system. So if you know your postcode, you've got a fair chance of finding your service. Click here to browse a list of all our tables. The first tables are most prestigious luxury trains, then we list all the interstate, long distance, commuter and suburban trains, then light rail, heritage railways, ferries, buses and miscellaneous services. Happy browsing!

Introduction to Australian Trains and Transport

We've created nine categories of transport and we've classified each and every timetable into one of these categories to help make it easier to understand Australia's diverse array of transport.
  • Type 1 Luxury Trans-continental Trains
  • Type 2 Long distance and Interstate Trains
  • Type 3 Commuter and Inter-Urban Trains
  • Type 4 Suburban Trains
  • Type 5 Trams and Light Rail
  • Type 6 Tourist and Heritage Railways
  • Type 7 Ferries
  • Type 8 Buses
  • Type 9 Miscellaneous
Click to see a description of each category and a list of services in each.

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